Dent Pulling Glue Tabs – 10 Plastic Pieces in Red


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Dent Pulling Glue Tabs – 10 Plastic Pieces in Red

When working with dent pulling tools (except suction cups), glue tabs are something that can’t miss. These Hardened Plastic and Red Dent Pulling Glue Tabs will easily stick to the dent’s area with the help of some hot glue and fit every dent pulling tool we have in our store.

  • Variety of different shapes and sizes
  • Universal for dent pulling tools

Being the connection between the tool and the dent, these tabs are made of hardened plastic, making them sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. The kit brings 10 varied tabs, differing in shape (circular and oval) and in size – the smallest measuring 0.59in (1.5cm) in diameter and the largest 1.57in (4cm).

Maybe you’ve got a dent lifter at home, or maybe a bridge puller, or a slide hammer, or even a t-puller. The point is, no matter what tool you use for dent removing, these glue tabs will fit them like a glove, allowing you to buy them and replace them as often as you wish. That way you can always have the most efficient tools at your disposal.

What you’ll get:

  • 10 x Hardened Plastic and Red Glue Tabs


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Dimensions8 × 15 × 10 in

Glue Dent Tabs


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