Best Dent Pullers

Best Selling Dent Pullers


Here you can find the cream of the crop regarding dent pullers. A diverse set of tools that excel on their field and guarantees you a spotless and effortless result. Portability, sturdiness, effectiveness and simpleness are just a few of the characteristics that makes these dent pullers the best on the market.

The Best Dent Pullers on the Market

Simple and Easy-to-Use

Bridge dent pullers work slightly different than dent lifters. The same happens with slide hammers and suction cups. But they all have on thing in common – they’re extremely easy-to-use tools. Besides suction cups (you just have to press them in the dent area and then pull and pop out the dent), most of our dent pullers work with glue tabs that you’ll have to glue to the damaged area. Than you’ll have to mount in the tool (usually with a screw) and remove the dent – the bridge pullers work by unscrewing a piece, the dent lifters by pressing two levers together and the slide hammers by pulling them towards you. Combine simpleness and effectiveness and you get these amazing dent pullers!

Fresh Designs

Be classy gold, stylish orange, elegant black or even a clean silver look, our dent pullers look as well as they work. We don’t want you to just have a chunky, awkward device in your toolbox that looks ugly and works half the time. Excellence is very important in your company and we thrive to achieve it in every little aspect of our products – design being one of them.

Paintless Dent Pullers

If you ever worked with a dent puller that forces you to paint in the damaged area after using it you know by first hand how tiring the process is. Not only do you have to choose the right color, but you also have to paint it in a way that hides the damaged area perfectly and still goes well with the rest of the car. These tools we offer you here, at Dent Puller Kits, were all created to skip that task, meaning you can pop out as many dents as you wish and still have the color below it untouched.

The Best Dent Pullers Selection:

The Bridge Dent Puller – Metal Bridge Kit with 7 Glue Tabs & Accessories is suitable for most flat, non-porous surfaces like cars, motorbikes, washing machines, refrigerators, etc… It brings all the accessories you’ll need to remove a dent and leave everything spotless, for an amazingly low price. Made from high quality aluminium and hardened plastic, there isn’t a dent that can escape this powerful tool.

If you don’t mind dropping a couple more bucks you should check out the Dent Lifter – Metal Spring Handle Kit with Various Glue Tabs. A variety of diverse packs with different colored lifters and tabs make this amazing offer. This dent lifter has got an adjustable lifting-mode movable tripod puller, meaning you can easily and comfortably adjust the tool to every sized tab and dent.

The Slide Hammer Dent Puller – Professional Metal Kit with 18 Glue Tabs is a pretty amazing tool. Made from high elasticity stainless steel, this dent puller can be used for larger car dents or it can be dismounted and used for smaller ones. With 18 different sized glue tabs, you’re always ensured to have the perfect tool for the job. One of its best aspects is its portability and collapsible system, allowing you to easily pack it and carry it in your car at every moment, without taking too much space.

The Suction Cup Dent Puller – Classic Version in Orange is your to go tool if you’re looking for something simple, low priced, effective and pretty good looking. Three easy tasks are between you and those horrible dents. Press it, pull both handles together to create vacuum and pull it. Its soft rubber cups form seal with most flat, non-porous surface, meaning its suitable for glass, tiles, vehicle surfaces, etc…

The Suction Cup Dent Puller – Mini Version in 7 Colors is a best seller for a couple of reasons. Even though it’s made for smaller dents, this incredibly low priced dent puller has the best balance of portability and effectiveness you’ll see on the market. Don’t let it fool you with its 2.3 x 2 x 2.4 in (5.8 x 5 x 6 cm) – this tool can pack a punch! Not only does its job effectively, you can still choose between 7 different elegant colors!