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What Makes These Bridge Dent Pullers the Best on the Market

Easy-to-Use Tool

When a tool is made from 2 or more pieces there’s usually an instant eyebrow raise in most of our costumers, fearing it will be a complicated process. No need to worry with our bridge dent pullers! Just clean the damage surface with a wet cloth, apply the hot glue, press the tab on it and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. Now you can mount the bridge puller on the tab and slowly screw it till you feel the dent popping out. This dent puller offers you a perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency.

Excellent Value

Ranging from about $10 to $16 (8€ to 14€), these bridge dent pullers not only are fantastic tools, but they are also very low-priced, making them into an offer you can’t refuse. There’s an enormous difference between the money you’ll spend at a local mechanic or buying one of these tools but, usually, people think removing dents is a hard and tiring task. We’re here to tell you that’s a myth! Maybe achieving perfect results a couple of years ago was nearly impossible with home tools, but those days are long gone. Stop wasting crazy amounts of money on mechanics and take matters into your own hands.

Suitable for a Wide Variety of Dents

The tabs you’ll see on the images are what’s going to be glued to the dent, allowing you to pull it. Because every dent is different, we knew we had to have different sized tabs and that’s why you’ll see offers bringing 3, 5 or even 7. For bigger dents use bigger tabs and vice-versa. That way you’ll always have a perfect solution for every situation!

Even though it’s the most common place, these bridge dent pullers can be used in other surfaces besides cars. The rubber can be effectively glued to most non-porous surfaces like metal, glass and plastic, meaning you can remove dents from you car, bike, washing machine, fridge and others.

High Quality Materials

The body is made from high quality aluminium alloy and hardened plastic – durable, strong and sturdy. Between the dent puller and your car you’ll have heavy duty rubber. That way you can put a large amount of pressure without scraping or damaging the surface. These materials are not randomly chosen, but are a result of arduous testing.

Our Range of Bridge Hammer Dent Pullers:

The Bridge Dent Puller – Plastic Bridge Kit with 5 Glue Tabs is our cheapest option, even though it doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality! Made from high quality aluminium, hardened plastic and heavy-duty rubber, this dent puller brings 5 different sized glue tabs and a tap down pen to remove any highs caused by glue pulling. The stylish black and white design provides you with a good looking tool that performs like a professional dent puller.

A step up the quality ladder and you have the Bridge Dent Puller Kit – Plastic Bridge with Glue Gun, 1 Glue Stick and 3 Glue Tabs. Also made from aluminium and hardened plastic, the big difference between this kit and the last one is a very handy glue gun and one glue stick. If you’re not a handyman we doubt you will have a glue gun at home, so this kit will give you 2 amazing tools for the price of one! Also bringing 3 different glue tabs and a tap down pen, you can use this dent puller in pretty much every non-porous surface (cars, bikes, fridges, etc…)

For just a couple buck more you can take home the Bridge Dent Puller – Metal Bridge Kit with 7 Glue Tabs & Accessories. Measuring around 7.7in (20cm) and weighing 9oz (0,25kg), this dent puller won’t disappoint you! Made from high quality aluminium, it works on most non-porous surfaces, always offering you spotless results. It brings 7 different-sized tabs, a tap down pen and a scraper (to scrape those glue leftovers).