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Bridge Dent Puller – Metal Bridge Kit with 7 Glue Tabs & Accessories

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Metal Bridge Dent Puller
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Bridge Dent Puller – Metal Bridge Kit with 7 Glue Tabs & Accessories

This offer is one you simply can’t refuse. The star of the kit is the Metal Bridge Dent Puller – an amazingly powerful tool, capable of removing even the trickiest dents on your car. With its screw system you can gradually pull the dent out and avoid outside dents from using too much force. The kit also brings 7 different sized glue tabs, a tap down pen and a strong scraper.

  • High quality aluminium body
  • 7 different sized glue tabs
  • Adjustable pressure screw system
  • Variety of accessories

The combination of a high quality aluminium body and hardened plastic screws and tabs is a powerful one. Not only are you ensured to have a tool that lasts a really long time, it will also keep its efficiency through out the years.

More circular or more oval shaped, smaller or bigger. The variety of glue tabs we offer you isn’t an excuse for pumping up the prices, like a lot of companies do. Every dent is different and you need the right tool for each one if you wish to reach a perfect and good looking result.

Some dent pullers work with brute force, putting in your hands the ability to control the effort into pulling the dent out. Sometimes, that can be pretty difficult and, because of that, this bridge dent puller uses a screw system, allowing you to adjust the force and gradually tighten the knob that pulls the glue tab.

If the kit only brought the bridge dent puller, we know that, looking at the excellent value, you wouldn’t feel like you were paying too much, but the best part is that were not over. You also get a tap down pen for evening any flaws and a scraper to easily remove the glue and the tab after the process is over.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal Bridge Dent Puller
  • 7 x Glue Tabs
  • 1 x Tap Down Pen
  • 1 x Scraper

More Info:
Pulling Bridge Length: 19.5cm/7.7 inch
Puller Tab Size: 3.5*3.5cm/1.4*1.4 inch, 3*3cm/1.2*1.2 inch, 2.6*2.6cm/1*1 inch, 4*2.6cm/1.6*1 inch, 3.2*2cm/1.3*0.8 inch, 2*1.2cm/0.8*0.5 inch
Net Weight: 0.255kg/9 oz

Additional information

Weight0.27 oz
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 in



Aluminum, Hardened Plastic


Auto Body Dent Repair

5 reviews for Bridge Dent Puller – Metal Bridge Kit with 7 Glue Tabs & Accessories

  1. Jeremy White

    Ok I don’t normally leave reviews on products but this PDR (Paintless Dent Remover) actually worked! Car had two dings in the driver’s door and this tool removed about 95% of the dent! Hot glue the center post to the dent and then turn the knob and watch the ding get pulled out. Took 3-4 repeated applications but the accumulated results were beyond great! Take a look at the pictures I took!

  2. Andre Ramoz

    Product quality is beautiful and it’s highly effective, makes quick work of door bumps.

  3. Travis G.

    The store is just super and the kit is awesome. The quality of the tools is even better than expected and to my surprise, it actually works very well in removing dents!

  4. Jay Miller

    The very best bridge dent puller I’ve ever had, will use this on my shop as well and no just at home – that’s how good it is! Powerful.

  5. Will Carlson

    Got the parcel quite quickly. Impressed with the quality as this thing’s pretty hefty and well constructed. The kit’s also great, it even brings a scraper to get rid of the glue after you’re done fixing the dents, great little detail.

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