Dent Lifter – Metal Spring Handle Kit with 10 Glue Tabs

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Dent Lifter – Metal Spring Handle Kit with 10 Glue Tabs

Even though it’s more suitable for smaller dents, don’t let its adorable design and compact size fool you – this Metal Spring Handle Dent Lifter is one powerful tool. Made from high quality aluminium and packing a soft rubber base, use one of its 10 different glue tabs and remove hail dents in no time.

  • Soft rubber base
  • 10 different sized glue tabs
  • Creative and adorable design
  • Adjustable lifting-mode movable tripod puller

A powerful and strong material like high quality aluminium can be very beneficial when we’re talking about power and sturdiness, but can cause a lot of damage when there isn’t something that protects the surface of your car. Fortunately, this is not the case, as this dent lifter has a soft rubber base, avoiding any damage caused by the force.

Measuring from 0.63in to 1.57in (1.6cm to 3.9cm), every little tab can be useful or useless in different sized dents. So, having 10 different sized and shaped glue tabs guarantees you always the most efficient tool for the job at hand.

No one said dent lifters had to be boring and monotonous-looking tools. Just take a look at this one – an elegant yellow greenish tone and an adorable smiley face will make sure you take your car to the driveway when removing dents, just so your neighbors can see you using it!

An adjustable lifting-mode movable tripod puller can seem tricky to understand, but this amazing features means you can use its screw on the top to adjust the dent lifter to the height of the tab and to the size of the dent, reaching a more perfect result with less effort.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal Spring Handle Dent Lifter
  • 10 x Glue Tabs






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Auto Body Dent Repair


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