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What Makes These Glue Dent Pullers the Best on the Market

Power and Efficiency

Dent pullers that work with suction cups and other systems can work well, but some bigger and deeper dents need something more powerful. These glue dent pullers, as the name states, work with glue between the tabs and the surface. Coming with a variety of different-sized tabs (5,7,10 or 18), you’re guaranteed to always have the perfect sized solution for any dent. Be the slide hammers, the bridge pullers or the dent lifters, there isn’t a dent that can’t be removed by these impressive and potent tools.

Portability and Collapsible Systems

Dents can happen anywhere. Actually, if we’re talking about car dents, they usually happen more often away from your home, while you’re driving. Why wait till you arrive home and drive with an ugly dent in your car, when you can take care of the problem in the moment? Our excellent glue dent pullers are small enough to be packed in your car without taking too much space. You just have to have a powerful glue or a glue gun with you and in just a couple of minutes no one’s going to believe that there was a dent there!

Our Diverse Range of Glue Dent Pullers

Our cheaper option is the Bridge Dent Puller – Plastic Bridge Kit with 5 Glue Tabs. This black and white, hardened plastic dent puller can easily remove dents without damaging the original paint of the surface, due to its rubber pads and adjustable screw pulling mechanism. Even though it needs glue, the process will be all over in just a couple of minutes and, although is suitable for smaller dents, you’ll receive 5 different sized tabs for a variety of diverse dents.

Still on the bridge puller series, for just a couple more bucks you can get the Bridge Dent Puller – Metal Bridge Kit with 7 Glue Tabs & Accessories. Switch the hardened plastic body for a high quality aluminium one and receive 2 more glue tabs, a scraper for clean-up and a tap down pen. It works on any flat, non-porous surface and it measures around 7.7 in (19.5cm). You can’t miss this amazing offer, not when you look at its excellent value!

A more simpler way to face car dents is the Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs. Even though it also needs glue between the glue tab and the damaged surface, this tool is pretty straightforward. After gluing the tab, mount the T-Puller Hammer, twist it so it locks, and pull gradually harder till you feel the dent popping out. Portable, convenient and with a comfortable grip, this dent puller also brings 18 different sized tabs. As if that wasn’t enough, you can still choose between a classic polished silver look or a stylish, modern black and red.

If those smaller hammers aren’t ideal for the dents you’re looking to remove, take a look at the Slide Hammer Dent Puller – Professional Metal Kit with 18 Glue Tabs. For just a couple more bucks you can get this amazing tool which, due to its collapsible system, can transform itself in a smaller T-puller hammer, making it into a 2-in-1 tool. Made from high quality stainless steel and coming with a reliable and strong reputation from professionals in the industry, this slide hammer can take care of any dents you want, also due to the 18 different sized tabs the kit brings.

Inside our dent lifter’s series we’ve got the Dent Lifter – Metal Spring Handle Kit with Various Glue Tabs. With a sturdy aluminium body and high quality silicone in its base (no need to worry with paint damage), its squeeze trigger allows you to control the pulling force gradually. Not only do you receive an amazingly efficient tool, you also have the option to choose between a variety of kits. The big differences are between the quantity (9, 10, 18, 20 or 38), color (blue, red or silver) and material of the glue tabs (hardened plastic or aluminium) and the color of the dent lifter (yellow or red).

Also inside the dent lifter’s series is the Dent Lifter – Metal Spring Handle Kit with 10 Glue Tabs. Don’t let its adorable smile trick you – this tool can pack a punch. Suitable for hail, storm or collision dents, this dent lifter can be mounted on its 10 different sized tabs and remove smaller dents without damaging the paint. Measuring around 7.5 x 5.3 in (19 x 13.5cm), its portability is an amazing asset if you want to keep it in your car for any travelling problem.