Heavy Duty Dent Pullers

Sturdy, powerful and strong – these are just a few characteristics that make up our heavy duty line. Ready for deep and large dents, these heavy duty dent pullers can withstand time and constant use without any signs of wear and tear, meaning you can look at them not as a product you’ll use a couple of times, but as an investment tool that will definitely help you save money and time.

What Makes These Heavy Duty Dent Pullers the Best on the Market

Paintless Dent Repair

Pulling dents can be a pain in the neck if you’re not working with a paintless repair tool. Sure, you can put a sticker on your car if you don’t want to go all the trouble of buying and painting the damaged spot, but we all know that’s just lazy workmanship. Every heavy duty dent pullers we present you here, at Dent Puller Kits, gets the job done effortlessly, without you ever needing to pick up a paintbrush.

The Right Fit for Any Situation

First off, take a look at the Suction Cup Dent Puller – Classic Version in Orange. Combine efficiency and style and you’ve got this amazing tool. Made from hardened plastic, its soft rubber cups can create vacuum in most flat, non-porous surfaces. Just press it on the dent, push the handles together and pop that dent out. Powerful and easy-to-use, you can’t miss on the opportunity (not after you take a look at its excellent value).

If you don’t mind spending a little more, you should pay attention to our slide hammer series. If smaller dents is what you come across more often, the Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs is the most suitable tool for you. For just a couple more bucks you can take the Slide Hammer Dent Puller – Professional Metal Kit with 18 Glue Tabs. The latter one has a collapsible system, meaning you can transform it in a smaller T-Puller hammer and, therefore, work with two tools for the price of one. If that wasn’t enough to convince you know you still receive 18 different sized glue tabs.

Finally, the Dent Lifter – Metal Spring Handle Kit with Various Glue Tabs isn’t just an amazing and efficient tool, but also a diverse kit where you can choose between the quantity, color and material of the glue tabs as well as the color of the dent lifter. The device in itself is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel, capable of pulling the trickiest dents out without even damaging the surface’s paint. Lastly, due to its handle’s system, you can control the force you use to pop out the dent.