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Bridge Dent Puller Kit – Plastic Bridge with Glue Gun, 1 Glue Stick and 3 Glue Tabs

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Bridge Dent Puller Kit – Plastic Bridge with Glue Gun, 1 Glue Stick and 3 Glue Tabs

A bridge dent puller is an amazing tool for removing dents in cars due to its design and screw system. On one side you’ve got a strong hardened plastic body and a soft rubber base, avoiding any paint damage. On the other side you’ve got a screw system that allows you to gradually increase the pulling force, giving you a more thorough control and a better result. The Plastic Bridge Dent Puller Kit is the combination of an efficient tool with a variety of accessories that turn the process into a more easier and effortless task.

  • Hardened plastic and heavy duty rubber
  • Screw pulling system
  • 40 W Glue gun
  • Variety of different accessories

Hardened plastic is a great way to maintain a strong and sturdy structure and pay a little less when compared to aluminium or stainless steel. That, combined with a heavy duty rubber base (no need to worry with damaged being made to your car’s paint), make the bridge dent puller we offer you in this amazing kit.

Pulling a dent without a reliable way of controlling the force you use can lead to outside dents – another problem to resolve. That’s why the screw system in this bridge dent puller works like a charm. Just mount it on one, already glued, tab and start screwing it till you feel the dent popping out.

A glue gun is no common tool that you’ll find laying around, and because a lot of our dent pullers need hot glue between the tabs and the surface, we couldn’t think of a better built kit without an efficient 40W glue gun.

We’ve talked about the bridge dent puller and the glue gun, but you’ll still receive 3 different sized glue tabs, a tap down pen and 1 glue stick. Everything you need to take care of those tricky dents are here. What are you waiting for?

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Hardened Plastic Bridge Dent Puller
  • 1 x 40 W Glue Gun
  • 3 x Glue Tabs
  • 1 x Glue Stick

Additional information

Weight0.32 oz
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in



Hardened Plastic, Aluminum


Auto Body Dent Repair

2 reviews for Bridge Dent Puller Kit – Plastic Bridge with Glue Gun, 1 Glue Stick and 3 Glue Tabs

  1. Brendan Hall

    Great kit, has everything you need and it works flawlessly. Good price too!

  2. Pat Olsen

    Love this kit! Can’t believe the awesome results, take a look at my pictures to see the results.

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