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Professional Dent Puller Kit PLUS – Full Dent Pulling Tool Collection with Accessories & Case

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Full Pro Kit


Professional Dent Puller Kit PLUS – Full Dent Pulling Tool Collection with Accessories & Case

The Professional Dent Puller Kit PLUS is the holy grail of dent puller kits. Everything you would possible need combined in a compact and harmonious pack. You will stop looking at dents with a frown and, instead, you’ll think about the easy and fun task you have at hand. With a variety of dent pulling tools, this kit is perfect for professionals that come across dents much more often than a regular person and are looking for an investment that will make their jobs much easier and with more good-looking results.

  • Effective, highly durable quality
  • Large quantity and variety of dent pulling tools
  • Professional-tier selection of tools and accessories
  • Strong-fabric tool bag
  • Great price

A kit is only as strong as its individual tools, and that’s why the materials we use for each and every single one is very important. High quality aluminium, heavy duty rubber, sturdy stainless steel, hardened plastic, top-shelf nylon and strong fabric. This was all tested thoroughly, here at Dent Puller Kits, so you can get tools that will last a life-time even with constant use.

Even though this kit is packed with accessories that will make your job easier, the variety of different dent pulling tools is also quite impressive. You have a bridge puller, a slide hammer, a mini t-puller and a dent lifter. Each one designed to excel at different occasions and grant you the best outcome possible every time you face a dent.

Building a kit is like building a football team. You can have the best players of the world one on team and still loose every single time. If you lack cooperation and synergy between tools you’re just paying for individual pieces that will maybe work together (or maybe not). In this kit you won’t find tabs that don’t fit dent pullers, or glue sticks that don’t go with the glue gun. Everything is well thought with on goal in mind – make your job easier, more effortlessly and quicker.

We couldn’t let you go without mentioning the strong-fabric bag you can use to pack and carry all the tools this kit has to offer. It’s pretty stylish too!

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Dent Lifter
  • 1 x Mini T-Puller
  • 1 x Bridge Puller
  • 5 x Bridge Puller Glue Tabs
  • 1 x Slide Hammer
  • 5 x Nylon Tap Down Pens
  • 1 x Aluminium Tap Down Pen
  • 5 x Tap Down Pen Tips
  • 1 x Aluminium Hammer
  • 1 x Metal Hammer
  • 1 x Pump Wedge
  • 1 x Scraping Shovel
  • 1 x Cloth
  • 10 x Red Glue Tabs
  • 23 x Blue Glue Tabs
  • 4 x Yellow Tabs
  • 11 x Glue Sticks
  • 1 x Spray Bottle
  • 1 x LED Lamp Reflector Board
  • 1 x Glue Gun
  • 1 x Instructions Manual
  • 1 x Tool Bag
















Additional information

Weight4.5 oz
Dimensions25 × 30 × 35 in



High-Quality Aluminum, Hardened Plastic, Rubber

Feature 1

Professional Dent Removal

Feature 2

Quick and Paintless Fix

Feature 3

Extremely Comprehensive Tool Set


Professional Auto Body Dent Repair

2 reviews for Professional Dent Puller Kit PLUS – Full Dent Pulling Tool Collection with Accessories & Case

  1. Masterson

    Fast shipping and all came nicely packaged. Already tried the dent lifter, the glue gun and a few other accessories – all work beautifully well. Great kit at an unmissable price.

  2. Oliver G.

    Received it quickly, for this money the quality and quantity of dent pulling tools is great!

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