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Professional Dent Puller Kit – Full Dent Pulling Tool Collection with Accessories & Case

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Full Pro Kit


Professional Dent Puller Kit – Full Dent Pulling Tool Collection with Accessories & Case

The Full Professional Dent Puller Kit is not your typical kit. This an offer for people who come across dents much more often and perhaps even have a dent pulling business. Every tool you find here is specially designed to work well with the other tools and accessories in the kit, giving you always an efficient and quick solution for every dent that you bump into.

  • High quality materials
  • Large quantity and variety of dent pulling tools
  • Good cooperation between tools
  • Strong-fabric tool bag

Don’t you think that, just because we offer you a bunch of items, we can somehow drop the quality level without you realizing. Here at Dent Puller Kits we don’t work like that – every single piece and tool you find in this kit (and in the others) are all made of top quality materials like aluminium, stainless steel, heavy duty rubber or hardened plastic. Powerful and sturdy, these tools, with the proper care, will last a life-time.

We don’t even know where to describe this kit. The main stars are the dent pulling tools like the slide hammer, the dent lifter, the bridge puller and the t-puller hammer. There isn’t a dent that can withstand this line-up. Trust us, we’ve tried. Besides that you get a bunch of cool accessories that make your task a lot easier. Be the large amount of different glue tabs, a glue gun, hammers, a tap down pen with different tips, a dent detector board and others.

It’s not enough to just give you the best tools possible on the market – at least that’s not how we do our kits. You won’t find tabs that don’t fit dent pulling tools, or glue sticks that don’t go with the glue gun. Synergy is a big word in our dictionary and translating it into a well built kit is essential.

To top it all off you get an amazingly strong-fabric bag where you can easily pack all your tools and carry them to wherever you need to. As if that wasn’t enough, we made it a stylish red and black so you can proudly show it around when working with dents.

What you’ll get:

1 x Dent Lifter
1 x Slide Hammer
1 x Bridge Puller
1 x T-Puller Hammer
10 x Red Glue Tabs
18 x Blue Glue Tabs
9 x Black Glue Tabs
1 x Scraper
1 x Cloth
1 x Aluminium Hammer
1 x Rubber Hammer
1 x Aluminium Tap Down Pen
9 x Tap Down Pen Tips
5 x Yellow Glue Sticks
5 x Black Glue Sticks
5 x White Glue Sticks
1 x Glue Gun
1 x Pump Wedge
1 x Spray Bottle
1 x Reflector Board
1 x Instructions Manual
1 x Tool Bag





pdr tools

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Additional information

Weight4 oz
Dimensions25 × 25 × 25 in



Aluminum, Hardened Plastic, Rubber

Feature 1

Paintless Dent Repair Tools

Feature 2

Professional Quality Tools & Accessories


Professional Auto Body Dent Repair

2 reviews for Professional Dent Puller Kit – Full Dent Pulling Tool Collection with Accessories & Case

  1. Harry L.

    Hello, everybody. The parcel arrived very quickly, within a few days, and I was very surprised by the quality of the goods, it turned out everything is much better than I expected. The parcel was nicely packed and I’ve been loving these past few days of fixing all the dents of both mine and my wife’s cars.

  2. Silvio White

    Everything’s high quality, all the tools are better than expected. Especially impressed with the dent detector board, super useful.

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