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What Makes These Slide Hammer Dent Pullers the Best on the Market

Fast and Effortless Results

You would think that for the crazy amount of money local mechanics take for removing dents, that it would be a hard and difficult task. We don’t know what’s going inside their garages but here, at Dent Puller Kit, we offer you dent removing tools capable of reaching spotless results, quickly and effortlessly. Take a look at our slide hammer dent pullers and you’ll see we aren’t kidding around!

Scratch-Free and Paintless Repair

The old days of removing dents, ending up with a big spot of scratched paint and still having to paint it are gone! With these slide hammer dent pullers you use glue to stick the glue tab to the dent’s surface and then use the slide hammer to pop it out. As the glue tab is removed you’ll see that everything is good as new. Hard to believe? Just take a look at our costumer’s reviews and you’ll see these tools aren’t just efficient, but also extremely convenient.

Suitable for All Dents

Maybe you just had a small bump against a fire hydrant, or some little kid smashed against your car with his bike. The point is that with every slide hammer, we offer you 18 (yes, 18!) glue tabs, meaning you always have a perfect tool for every sized dent. The smallest one having a diameter of 0.33in (8mm) and the biggest 1.57in (4cm), there isn’t a dent you can’t repair. Suitable for most non-porous surfaces, this is definitely the tool to own in dent repairing.

Our Diverse Range of Slide Hammer Dent Pullers:

The Slide Hammer Dent Puller – Professional Metal Kit with 18 Glue Tabs is the holy grail of slide hammers. Made from high quality aluminium, this collapsible and portable dent puller doesn’t just look like a professional tool you would see in a mechanic’s garage, but also performs like one. Sturdy and easy-to-use, you just have to glue one of the 18 glue tabs to the dent’s surface, wait for it to cool off and then take advantage of this slide hammer’s powerful steel spring. Just like that!

The Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs in Black and Red is also a very good choice. Small but powerful, this dent puller can get rid of most dents it comes across. Due to its comfortable grip design you can quickly pop out dents with no effort at all! Also coming with 18 different-sized gaskets, its black and red design its the proof that an efficient tool can also look stylish!

With a sturdy, high-quality aluminium body, the Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs is one of the best slide hammers in the market, even though its excellent value might have something to do with it! Small, portable and powerful, this dent puller will help you reach results you would only see done by professional mechanics with years of experience on their belt. Chose the ideal tab of the 18 this kit offers and remove dents in no time!

What Our Slide Hammer Dent Pullers Offer

Well-Thought Out Kits

If a single dent puller isn’t enough for you, or you just like to be prepared for every situation, we recommend taking a look at our kits. Designing a kit is a hard task of balancing space and efficiency. We want to give you every tool you might need, but we also don’t want it to become an overly complex, heavy and large kit. We’re not ashamed to say we went back to the drawing board numerous times, perfecting the tools and their cooperation, only to be able to confidently say: we offer you the best dent puller kits on the market!

High Quality Materials

High quality aluminum alloy. Those aren’t just words tossed in the air. We take our tool’s sturdiness and efficiency very serious and, therefore, the aluminium we used is the best material we could get. Not only is it strong and durable, its lightweight allows it to be used by everyone, regarding of your strength. You won’t be buying a tool to last you a couple of uses, but instead one that will last a life-time!

Stylish Tools

Here at Dent Puller Kit we always try to balance a tool’s efficiency with its design. No one wants an ugly or awkwardly shaped tool in their toolbox, and that’s why our slide hammers are as stylish as they can get. There’s polished metal looks, black and red combinations and more simpler ones – one for every taste. Don’t let anyone tell you you have to sacrifice quality designs for a better performance. Here, we give you both!