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Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs

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Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs

With a comfortable grip, this Metal T-Puller Hammer is suitable for smaller dents, even though we’re talking about a high quality aluminium tool that can really pack a punch. This offer also brings 18 different sized glue tabs, so you’ll always have the perfect sized tool for the job at hand!

  • High quality aluminium body
  • 18 different sized glue tabs
  • Portable, but powerful

You can see how polished and strong it looks in the pictures, but just take a peek at the reviews to see that the high quality aluminium body isn’t just for the style. It will feel extremely sturdy on your hand and you won’t see any sign of wear and tear for a long time.

Using hot glue, you’ll have to start by gluing the tabs to the surface’s damaged area. Wait a couple minutes and mount the T-Puller in the tab just by pressing it and rotating. Every dent’s different, so you’ve got 18 different glue tabs to choose from!

It may look like a small tool but don’t be deceived by its size. Its the perfect balance between portability and efficiency, removing most dents it comes across and being easily packed and carried to wherever you need to.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal T-Puller Hammer
  • 18 x Glue Tabs

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Additional information

Weight0.3 oz
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in



High-Quality Aluminum


Auto Body Dent Repair

3 reviews for Hammer Dent Puller – Metal T-Puller with 18 Glue Tabs

  1. Charlie Watts

    Got it quickly, came nicely packaged and it’s a very solid tool too – feels heavy and sturdy. Gave it a try on my brother’s car and it surprised us both as it works flawlessly. All it needed after the glue was a little push and boom, the door was good as new. 5/5

  2. Harry Smith

    Arrived in 2 weeks in great condition. Just what I was looking for, I already have the slide hammer attachment to give even more power to the pull. Great tool at a good price.

  3. Sandra Fernandez

    Very high quality tool at a mind blowing price. The glue tabs are good but the t-puller itself is where this kit shines, it’s extremely well built especially at this price.

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