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The Best Suction Cup Dent Pullers on the Market

High-Quality Craftsmanship

These suction cup dent pullers are made from 2 different materials. The body is sturdy hardened plastic. We know that the word “plastic” can raise some eyebrows, but hardened plastic is much stronger than the regular one (you can hit it with a baseball bat and only scuff the surface) while still being fairly lightweight. The suction part is made from heavy-duty rubber, capable of producing a powerful vacuum and, in that way, remove any dents, effortlessly.

Amazing, Effortless Results

Car bumps happen everywhere. It’s not an aspect of certain cultures or places in the world - if there’s vehicles, there is going to be accidents and crashes. If the outcome is pretty small, why take it to the local mechanic when you can take care of it at home with these dent pullers? Take a look at our costumer’s reviews and you’ll notice that the majority states their surprise with the quick and efficient results. Most knew that the tools would do their job, but they weren’t expecting them to be so efficient and capable of leaving no signs of dents or messy results whatsoever.

No Clean-Up Needed

Best part of these suction cup dent pullers? You spot the dent, you use the cup and you carry on with your life. No need to set up extremely complicated tools and clean up the mess after. It’s one of the most efficient tools on the market regarding dent’s fixing. A couple of seconds are between you having to spend the next month grounded with the car in the mechanic or you using your vehicle as freely as possible.

Our Two Suction Cup Dent Pullers:

For smaller dents, the Suction Cup Dent Puller – Mini Version in 7 Colors is the one to choose. Measuring around 2.4 x 2in (6 x 5cm), don’t let it fool you by its size since its powerful rubber suction cup can really pack a punch. Designed to pull dents from nearly any vehicle surfaces, including metal and plastic, this effective tool is so portable you can easily pack it inside your car without it taking too much space. Lastly, and because everyone has the right to have elegant tools, you can choose between 7 different colors (black, blue, green, mint green, orange, red and yellow).

For larger dents we recommend the Suction Cup Dent Puller – Classic Version in Orange. Measuring around 4 x 4.5in (10 x 11,5cm) this is one effective tool in dent repairing. With a large pulling power, the soft heavy-duty rubber cup seals most flat, non-porous surfaces, while the thoughtful design gives you a comfortable grip and an effortless use. Made from hardened plastic, this stylish, orange dent puller has an excellent value, even more when you don’t have to take your car to the mechanic for every little dent.

What You Get With Our Suction Cup Dent Pullers

Excellent Value

Even though the products we offer you here at Dent Puller Kit are amazingly low priced we can almost read your mind - “am I willing to spend this type of money on a tool I won’t use that often?”. We hope you don’t use it that often, because it means you are a safe driver, but if you start comparing the money and time you’re going to spend on the local mechanic every time you want to remove a dent with doing it at home with one of these tools, you’ll realize this is a no-brainer. Look at it as a small investment that will definitely help you save money in the long term!

Amazing Designs

When we mention “amazing designs” we aren’t just talking about the colors and shapes of our tools – even though, in our opinion, they are really fresh and modern-looking. We are also talking about the practical aspect of the design, that is, the sturdy construction, the comfortable grip and the powerful suction. Every little aspect of this dent puller is well thought out with two things in mind – the product’s efficiency and your satisfaction!

Easy-to-Use Tools

Seriously, it couldn’t be easier to use. Just place it on the surface with the dent, apply some pressure and press both handles together. Now there’s vacuum between the dent puller and the surface meaning you can pull it and remove the dent! If you’re scared you’ll damage your vehicle (which with this amazing tool is quite hard), you can start by pulling it with less effort and increase your strength till you feel the dent pop out. Seconds of effortless use and it’s good as new!